Parking enforcement officers should focus more on main streets: Matlow

Toronto's Church Street is pictured on June 25, 2013. Heather Loney, Global News

TORONTO – Toronto city councillor Josh Matlow wants the city’s parking enforcement officers to focus more attention on shelling out tickets on major streets during rush hour instead of residential areas.

The Ward 22 councillor is looking to tackle curb gridlock and improve congestion in high vehicular and pedestrian traffic locations by using a “common sense” approach to ticketing that maximizes the use of the enforcement officers’ time and efforts.

“I heard from residents who are frustrated on quiet residential streets, that enforcement officers will come at them and not spend resources on main arterial roads,” said Matlow in an interview with Global News.

The motion, which will be brought up in council next week, will examine developing a policy to “prioritize the use of Parking Enforcement to emphasize the important City goals including keeping traffic moving.”

“Parking enforcement say they have limited resources,” said Matlow. “Then show reasonable flexibility and not just tag people. In most neighbourhoods it is a cash grab.  They should go where they will service the public interest in the best way.”

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Matlow suggests the city can make even more cash if parking enforcement officers refocused their energy on main roads.

“There’s not a morning or rush hour where you don’t find yourself stuck behind a truck parked on a curb lane,” he said.

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