Dogs adorably ‘greet’ dolphin during sunny boat ride in Georgia

Two dogs and a dolphin were seen "interacting" on a boating trip near Savannah, Georgia.
Two dogs and a dolphin were seen "interacting" on a boating trip near Savannah, Georgia. Magen Piegelbeck / YouTube

Nothing is quite as sweet as interspecies “friendships.”

Magen Peigelbeck was on a boat ride near Savannah, Georgia, with his two dogs when something extra-special happened — the dogs and a wild dolphin shared a moment.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Sunday, and verified by Storyful, a dolphin can be seen circling the boat in Hope Marina, occasionally popping its head up and out of the water.

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Less than a minute into the footage, Peigelbeck’s dogs, Stanley and Miles, can be seen leaning over the edge of the boat and barking at the dolphin. The marine animal continues to bob its head up as if to greet the pups.

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It appeared that the dolphin was responding to the dogs’ barks.

“It makes me grin and my heart get big,” Peigelbeck told NBC-affiliate WSAV-TV.

“Everyone can get along. We can learn lessons from animals.”

Peigelbeck also shared the video on his Facebook from the broadcast station’s official page.

“I love dolphins,” one Facebook user wrote. “So social and absolutely a joy to watch.”

Another commented, “Animals don’t mind if their (sic) a little different.”

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Meanwhile, dolphins in Australia have been “missing” human interaction and have taken to bringing their human friends gifts from the sea during the coronavirus pandemic.

Typically, patrons of Queensland‘s Barnacles Café & Dolphin Feeding wait in line to give treats to the humpback dolphins of Tin Can Bay, 7NEWS reports.

But given the spread of COVID-19 and the lockdown procedures in place, the café has seen no visitors for quite some time.

Click to play video '‘Aeris the Sky Dog’ enjoys paragliding in Kamloops' ‘Aeris the Sky Dog’ enjoys paragliding in Kamloops
‘Aeris the Sky Dog’ enjoys paragliding in Kamloops

Photos shared to the café’s official Facebook page show two dolphins with “gifts” on their noses. Some of the deep-sea treasures include barnacles, old bottles and pieces of coral.

“The pod has been bringing us regular gifts, showing us how much they’re missing the public interaction and attention,” the post reads.

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“They are definitely missing you all.”