Pride Winnipeg rethinking relationship with museum for human rights

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June is traditionally Pride Month, but Pride Winnipeg is planning a digital celebration for September – Jun 3, 2020

Pride Winnipeg said it will not continue its involvement with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, for now.

After news broke that museum tours had, at times, deliberately excluded LGBTQ2 content from school groups that requested it, Pride Winnipeg’s president Barry Karlenzig said they are hitting pause while they reevaluate their relationship with the museum.

So far, Pride Winnipeg has said it won’t work with the museum for Fierté Canada Pride, the national Pride festival that is set to take place in Winnipeg in 2022.

“We have officially started looking at other options,” said Karlenzig. “We as an organization feel that to do a welcome gala at a place that is not welcoming to all doesn’t make sense, and isn’t true to what the organization is and what our community is.”

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Karlenzig said, in a couple years, Pride Winnipeg will take a look at whether the museum has taken meaningful action to change their exclusivity.

“Words are one thing,” said Karlenzig. “It’s actions that speaks louder than words. If there is action that proves it, maybe we may look at that venue again.”

The CMHR released an official apology for their LGBTQ2 practices on Friday, saying they were wrong and have been ended.

“This practice is contrary to the Museum’s mandate,” said the statement, “and contrary to everything we stand for as a museum for human rights. For breaking the trust that was extended to us by the LGBTQ2+ community, our visitors, our staff and volunteers, our members and donors, and for the hurt and harm this betrayal has caused, we apologize. We failed in our responsibility as leaders.”

Pride Winnipeg is planning to have a virtual Pride Week in 2020, tentatively scheduled for September.

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