Scott Thompson: After losing UN bid, Prime Minister Trudeau needs to walk the talk

Trudeau says UN Security Council bid was ‘never an end in itself’
WATCH: (June 18) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on Canada losing its bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council, stating that his government “would have hoped for a different result” but that the campaign “was never an end in itself.” He said starting its campaign five years after Norway and Ireland resulted in a delay that Canada couldn’t overcome.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lost his bid for Canada to win a seat on the UN Security Council.

Most thought Canada would not be successful simply because the other two contenders, Ireland and Norway, did much more to earn it.

However, the rest thought Trudeau could schmooze his way in with a fancy pair of socks and a sunny disposition.

Simply put, Trudeau was all show and no go.

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Of the voting UN member countries, 130 voted for Norway, 128 Ireland and 108 for Canada.

Not only was Canada knocked out on the first ballot, but Trudeau lost by more votes than Stephen Harper did in 2010 — even though his government put less effort and expense into its unsuccessful bid.

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Scheer criticizes Trudeau’s foreign policy after losing bid on UN security council
Scheer criticizes Trudeau’s foreign policy after losing bid on UN security council

Many Canadians would think that we are the envy of the world and everyone wishes they had our leader.

Apparently, that’s not the case.

In the prime minister’s attempt to be everything to everyone, he has continually over-promised and under-delivered, both here and abroad.

You have to put in the work, and that involves more than a cordial selfie.

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One of the many lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 experience is that we no longer have the patience for fashionable politics geared towards making the elite feel good.

You have to walk the talk.

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