PM Boris Johnson’s car involved in crash outside of British parliament

UK PM Boris Johnson’s car rear-ended amid Kurdish protest scuffle with police
The car that usually carries British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was shunted by a security vehicle outside parliament on Wednesday when Kurdish protesters ran into the road.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in a minor car crash on Wednesday after a protester ran in front of the vehicle as it left Parliament.

Footage posted on social media showed a man running toward the silver Jaguar as it drove out of the gates of Parliament accompanied by a police motorcycle outrider and a support vehicle.

Johnson’s car braked suddenly and was hit from behind by the support vehicle. It paused for a moment before the motorcade moved on.

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The prime minister’s office confirmed Johnson was in the car and that there were no reports of any injuries.

Photos showed a man being detained by police after the incident.

Several groups were protesting outside Parliament in small numbers on Wednesday, including anti-Brexit and pro-Kurdish groups.