Decision day set for former Vernon teacher

Deborah Ashton found not guilty of perjury.
Deborah Ashton found not guilty of perjury. Global News

VERNON, BC — A date has been set by a BC Supreme Court judge to decide if a former Vernon teacher committed perjury.

The decision will be read on July 26th.

Justice Geoff Barrow heard final arguments last month in the case of Deborah Ashton who is accused of making two false statements while testifying in her 2011 sexual assault trial involving a former student, charges she was acquitted of in a second trial.

The alleged perjured testimony centers around a bracelet the Crown says the 48 year-old Ashton bought for the student which she denies any knowledge of.

The Crown also accused Ashton of perjury when she said she “always” picked up her son from daycare in 2004, which she later admitted was incorrect, but wasn’t on purpose and wasn’t intended to be misleading.

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Perjury cases are very rare in Canada.

The maximum penalty for the charge is 14 years in prison.