Province explores idea of aerial photo radar

Jeremy Cohn / Global News

UPDATE: The solicitor general’s office says Jonathan Denis made a mistake, and that the province is not considering aerial photo radar. They apologize for the mix-up and plan to clarify his statements on Tuesday.

CALGARY- Lead-footed drivers may want to start keeping an eye on the sky.

Alberta’s Solicitor General says he is considering a proposal to nab speeders on the QEII from the air, using a fixed wing aircraft.

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“You would have a plane flying overhead…and what would happen is the plane would be able to clock you using a high definition camera that would be able to capture a person’s license plate,” explained Jonathan Denis.

He added that he’s considering the plan due to safety concerns for drivers, along with the sheriffs and RCMP members who patrol the highway.

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Introducing aerial photo radar would not require a legislation change. Denis says he cannot put a time frame on the idea, and that his department will continue exploring the idea.

Aerial radar is currently used in Ontario, as well as 19 U.S. states.

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