T.I. responds to Trump using his song ‘Whatever You Like’ for anti-Joe Biden ad

(L-R): Rapper T.I. and U.S. President Donald Trump. Getty Images

Rapper T.I. has responded to U.S. President Donald Trump re-purposing his song Whatever You Like for an anti-Joe Biden ad on Snapchat.

In the ad, Trump’s campaign used a parody video posted by YouTuber Jagilsdorf and also used the 2008 T.I. song but changed the lyrics. The video was posted to Trump’s official Snapchat account.

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Instead of T.I. rapping, “I want your body, need yo’ body. Long as you got me you won’t need nobody,” the video’s lyrics were changed to, “I don’t want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden. Long as you’ve got me you don’t need Joe Biden.”

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The video creator wrote in his YouTube comments that he was “honestly pumped” that his video was being used in a campaign ad but wishes “he would’ve given me credit.” His video has been taken off YouTube as of this writing.

In a statement to Complex, a representative for T.I. said the video is an “unauthorized use” of the track.

“The video distorts lyrics from his #1 charting song by misrepresenting the lyrics through text language and distortion of his recorded voice,” the statement reads. “It goes without saying, that T.I. would not in any way ever support the divisive policies and destructive propaganda of Trump. The people of our country deserve far better than this.”

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The statement says T.I. does not support the commercial and will now be pursuing legal action.

“Be clear, he does not authorize it or consent to the use of his song to falsely suggest any endorsement of President Trump or to attack Joe Biden,” the statement continues. “It is sad, but expected, that this President would stoop so low to use his property without authority to manipulate the community. T.I.’s legal team and media partners are already moving expeditiously to block this unauthorized use and set the record straight in no uncertain terms.”

Trump has not addressed T.I.’s statement.


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