Friends mourn kayaker who shared ‘last call for help’ on Facebook Live

Click to play video: 'Kayaker’s suspected final words captured on Facebook Live as he struggles in the ocean'
Kayaker’s suspected final words captured on Facebook Live as he struggles in the ocean
On Saturday, Jeremy Worthy went live on Facebook from his kayak while attempting to fish. Gusting winds and rough waves made it difficult for Worthy to paddle, and he eventually drowned in the ocean. The video from his Facebook Live are suspected to be his final moments – May 28, 2020

A heartbreaking video shows what are thought to be the final moments of an Australian kayaker stranded by a swell off the coast of New South Wales, where his body later washed up on shore.

Jeremy Peter Worthy, 43, went live on his personal Facebook page on Saturday as he struggled against high waves that prevented him from getting back to shore during a fishing trip.

He posted a 10-minute video from his kayak at around 5:45 p.m. that day. Worthy, appearing to wear a life-jacket, can be seen bobbing up and down in choppy waters.

“I thought it’d be a problem,” he says in the video. “This is taking me for a ride.”

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He also shared a photo of his geographical whereabouts that day, showing his geo-location to be in a bay near Cullendulla Creek.

Less than an hour later he went live again, this time for a four-minute clip explaining how tiring it was for him to paddle to shore. The high winds cut out much of his voice.

“There’s no going back where I came, that’s too far,” he can be heard saying in the video. “(Do I) keep going or stay here?”

A tweet by the Bureau of Meteorology in New South Wales warned locals of “a monster southerly swell up to 4 to 5 metres and strong winds,” encouraging people to stay away from rock ledges and check their skill level before going into the water.

That afternoon, the organization called beach conditions “dangerous,” citing “damaging surf” and “damaging wind” in the area.

On Sunday, the New South Wales police released a statement regarding the suspected drowning death of a man believed to be age 43. The man was pronounced dead at the scene on the state’s south coast.

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Glenn Sullivan, the regional operations manager for Marine Rescue Monaro, confirmed that Worthy had died in an interview with the Bay Post/Moruya Examiner.

Meanwhile, Worthy’s Facebook account has become an official memorial page, where many of his friends and loved ones have shared their condolences.

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“Always trying to help others when he needed the most. My year 10 formal date. My gentleman. My friend,” Facebook user Sarah Davis commented on his video. “I am sorry you got lost and I couldn’t find you.”

A woman named Lorraine Worthy, who appears to be one of his family members, wrote: “So unfair. Fly high, mate. We know you’re with your dad. We love you always and forever.”

“I’m pretty sure this was his last call for help,” another friend commented. “I’m so sorry, my friend. I should have called Marine Rescue when I saw you struggle long with the waves. I thought you could deal with it. I feel so guilty for not seeing the reality of your situation.”

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