B.C. company gets approval to build street-legal, low-speed electric vehicles

The president of Simolo Customs Ltd., in Vernon says the company’s low-speed vehicles, which resemble golf carts, will have a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Simolo Customs Ltd.

A small B.C. company says it has been granted approval to build a low-speed electric vehicle.

This week, Simolo Customs Ltd. Of Vernon said Transport Canada gave it the green light following five years of planning and development.

So, what is a low-speed electric vehicle (LSV)?

If you’re thinking golf cart, you’re somewhat right, though these rides have built-in safety features and modern looks.

“There’s certain criteria that’s required by Transport Canada, and some of that is signal lights, headlights, tail lights, they want seat belts on the vehicle, a DOT-approved windshield and rear-view mirrors, ” Jeffery Holomis, CEO and owner of Simolo Customs Ltd., told Global News on Tuesday.

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Holomis also said the LSVs have a maximum speed limit of 40 km/h.

One of the models that Simolo Customs Ltd., says it will be offering when production starts later this year. Simolo Customs Ltd.

Regarding where these vehicles will most likely be found, Holomis said in large, golf-course communities, though how they’ll be used will likely vary widely.

“There are communities throughout Canada that have adapted the low-speed vehicle [LSV], but up until now there hasn’t been a vehicle that met that criteria,” Holomis claimed.
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Chase Golf Carts

Holomis says Simolo Customs Ltd., which has a staff of eight, started in 2010 rebuilding golf carts.

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“We saw a niche, a little market, for doing custom golf carts, and that’s where it started,” said Holomis.

“Originally, we were really catering towards resorts and off-road applications, and not so much the golf criteria. But when the downtown in Alberta came, and we were selling a lot of custom carts to Alberta, we decided we better start getting a hold of the golf market as well.”

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Vernon is planning for a future where zero emission vehicles are the norm

Holomis continued, saying in 2015, the company started looking at manufacturing.

“We saw that in the industry, there were three big players in the golf-cart market,” he said, “and we felt there was some things missing.”

That led to planning and building the low-speed vehicle, which Holomis says will allow the company to reach into a new market.

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“This allows [potential customers] to use it as a vehicle,” said Holomis, adding the company offers more than just a two-seat configuration.
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Electric vehicles are the easiest cars to maintain

He also said prior to the planning and development stages, the company’s golf carts already had some safety features added, “so it wasn’t such a big job to create the LSV.”

As for price, Holomis said the base, two-seat model will cost $12,495, with pricing going up from there. Production is expected to start soon, with vehicles possibly being ready for sale in two months’ time.

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