Local duo show their Canucks pride with John Tortorella parody video

John Tortorella parody.
John Tortorella parody. Still from YouTube

With over 10,000 views in just over 24 hours, it seems a local singer / songwriter duo has hit a high note with a Vancouver Canucks parody video about new coach John Tortorella.

“This one has really garnered the most traffic so far,” said local singer Marie Hui, whose lends her vocal talents to the video.

Hui said the mastermind behind the video is songwriter and Canucks enthusiast and blogger Clayton Imoo, who plays the piano, and whose son lends his vocals to the song.

“He chose the lyrics, he wrote the song,” said Hui.

The song is a parody of Rihanna’s Umbrealla, called Under John Tortorella. Hui said they rehearsed the song for about an hour and uploaded their second take to YouTube.

Imoo even managed to work in the now memorable Tortorella quote ‘I think if you’re a good loser, you are a loser.’

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This is not the duo’s first video, and Imoo has made many parody and Canucks videos, as evidenced by his YouTube channel.

This new video took him took him 15 minutes to write, 60 minutes to practice, 15 minutes to record, and 60 minutes to edit.

“We’ve gotten tons of tweets, tons of love, and we really appreciate the love,” said Hui.

Watch the video below:



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