‘Big Brother Canada’: Evicted houseguest says ‘sketchy Chris’ was ‘uncomfortable to be around’

(L-R): Micheal and Brooke from 'Big Brother Canada.'. Global TV/Corus

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.

After last week’s self-eviction, the Big Brother Canada superheroes took the game to the next level with an early back-door blindside, sending Micheal Stubley out the door.

Chris Wyllie won the season’s first Head of Household (HOH) competition, opting to nominate Hira Deol and Brooke Warnock as pawns at the first nomination ceremony.

Click to play video: '‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 8: Meet the houseguests'
‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 8: Meet the houseguests

Chris’s goal for the week was to back-door Micheal and his master plan was set into motion after Hira won the Power of Veto (POV) competition.

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The aftermath was explosive but Chris stuck to his plan, putting Micheal up as the replacement nominee, and ultimately sending him home in a vote of nine to three.

Global News spoke with Micheal the day after his eviction and asked him about his time in the Big Brother Canada house.

Global News: How does it feel to be the first one evicted from the BBCAN house? 
Micheal Stubley: It’s definitely tough. I didn’t want to be the first one evicted and obviously going into the house I wanted to last as long as I could. But sadly, it was just all up to a basketball shot that sent me home, which sucks (laughing).

Do you feel like you did anything to hurt your own game or do you feel like the house was just against you?
Yeah, I think everyone was just overall relieved that it was not them in the house that was going up. I think they thought they would take the heat off themselves as much as they could. I think where I slipped up was not gaming enough with Chris and swallowing my pride to be able to deal with him. I think that was definitely one of the mistakes I made. But I just couldn’t go down to his level and appease him and suck his toes (laughing).

What are your feelings towards Chris?
At the end of day, it was a smart move on his part [to get me out] because if I had the chance, I would have took a shot at him and Kyle [Rozendal], for sure. I wouldn’t have taken the shot this early in the game. I would have tried to kind of work with Chris and count his as a vote. But I guess they were that intimidated by me, that they wanted to take me out when they had the chance. I think I was maybe one of the only ones physically that was able to stand up to both of them, especially in a physical and mental combo competition.
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Were you surprised by anyone’s goodbye messages?

Minh’s [Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao] is a little bit… not true. She was almost in the dark more than I was. She thought right up until the announcement that she was going to get back-doored. For her to think that she was the mastermind behind anything is a little bit off. We had a general conversation prior to the announcement and she wanted to back-door Kyle the following week if I stayed. Somehow that word got back to Kyle and she was freaking out to me in the bathroom asking if I told anyone that she wanted to back-door Kyle.
If you and Minh didn’t have the conversation where she told you to publicly yell at Kyle, would you still have blown up on him in the kitchen the way you did?
Yeah, I would have. Honestly, I was having the most awkward and weirdest conversation with Chris and then Kyle went and had, like, this conversation with J.L. [John Luke Kieper] and basically cornered and confronted him in the pantry. Kyle came out with the intentions that I was next to deal with. He started interacting with me a bit and just acting really off. I was already in a bad mood dealing with Chris’s weird conversation and Kyle came back and I’m not going to back down from something if someone’s being a bit aggro with me. I just finally had the opportunity and I decided to lay into him. At that moment, I’m going to be — honestly, I forgot I was on camera.

It makes for good TV (laughing).
Yeah, definitely, so it will be interesting to see how I reacted. It was funny. I’m not sure if it was caught on camera but Kyle said to me that he didn’t like the way I was trying to intimidate him. In my head, I thought, ‘What do you mean, intimidate you?’ He’s the eighth-ranked bench press guy in the world and I’m flattered that he was intimidated by me.

Exactly! That’s a huge compliment coming from Kyle (laughing). Would you do anything differently if you were offered the chance to enter the house again?
I think I would have just been upfront about the military stuff because I think people could have looked at me as someone they could trust and really rely on. I think that it would have really backed my integrity and my loyalty and they would have really understood that. I think that instead of them saying I was an easy guy to get out for being a threat they might have seen me as someone they really want to work with.

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After getting to know everyone in the BBCAN house, who would you choose to be part of your dream alliance if you could choose anyone to work with?
Well, I think if there was some sort of an all-star BBCAN, it would be funny to put Kyle and I back in the house together. It would be such an unlikely duo to work together that I think there’s definitely some skills you can bring to the table, like his ability to lie and manipulate. I just can’t do those things. I think I could win the competition. He could manipulate people.

You and Maddy [Madeline Di Nunzio] started a showmance in the house. Will that continue outside of the house?
We did start a showmance and I’d like to think that it would continue outside of the BBCAN house. I’m a bit of an optimistic and I gave her something of mine and she gave me a little something of hers and we hope to get back from each other. They still have a long time in the house so I just told her not to forget about me and I joked around earlier that I should have carved my name in the wall or maybe wrote my name in sticks in the swamp room.
Who do you think could win it all?
I really hoped that if J.L. and I would have stuck in the game, we would have been a really lethal combo. I’m just hoping to God that J.L. or Maddy or Rianne [Swanson] pull out a win and make it to the end. I don’t want to see Kyle or Chris get to the end because of the way they are playing the game. I’m rooting for J.L.
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Yeah, especially because of the way Chris and Kyle are playing so early in the game, too.
Oh yeah! Just so early being so cutthroat in the game. They have no remorse.

Who was the hardest to live with even though it was such a short period of time?
I want to say Chris, just because he’s just really uncomfortable to be around. He eats so much food and he thinks he deserves it. I remember I had one conversation with him and I just told him at the end of it that I wasn’t really following what he was talking about. And I imagine there’s a lot of confusing moments if you look back and you see my facial expressions. We call him sketchy Chris in the house because he’s a sketchy guy.

Do you have an all-time favourite BBCAN houseguest from previous seasons?
I really liked Adam Pike and looking back I liked Tim [Dormer] from Season 4, the Australian guy. I think he was just hilarious. He played such a good game. He was similar to Kyle in the sense where he was just in everyone’s ear. Tim wasn’t manipulative, although he secretly was, but it just seemed like he was really genuine. I would be fine to get manipulated by Tim (laughing) just because he was an enjoyable guy to have around.

What’s your last remarks you would like to leave with the BBCAN fans?
I’m just hoping I set a good example for what people do in times of strife. I hope that I gave us a sense of motivation to people to just really stay true to what they believe in and stay true to themselves.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]
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