Timeline: Reena Virk murder and the trials of Kelly Ellard

Reena Virk murder and the trials of Kelly Ellard on Dipity.

Nov 14, 1997: Reena Virk,14, is swarmed, beaten and drowned under a bridge in Saanich, B.C. on Vancouver Island on Nov. 14, 1997.

Nov 21, 1997: Seventeen-year-old Warren Glowatski is arrested and charged with Virk’s murder. Seven teenaged girls also face various charges, ranging from assault to murder.

Nov 22, 1997: Reena Virk’s body is found about a kilometre from where the beating took place, in a shallow body of water.

Feb 13, 1998: Three teenage girls are convicted of assault causing bodily harm in connection with Virk’s murder.

Nov. 13, 1998: A 15-year-old girl from Victoria is sentenced to five months for her part in the beating of Virk.

April 12, 1999: Glowatski’s trial begins in Vancouver.

May 3, 1999: Glowatski testifies in court that he beat Virk before her death, but denies that he killed her.

May 13, 1999: A decision by the Supreme Court of Canada means Kelly Ellard will be tried as an adult in the murder of Reena Virk. Ellard was 15 at the time of Virk’s death.

June 2, 1999: Warren Glowatski is convicted of second degree murder.

June 18, 1999: Glowatski is sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for seven years.

March 9, 2000: Kelly Ellard goes to trial in Vancouver for second-degree murder.

March 31, 2000: Ellard is convicted of second-degree murder in the death of Virk.

November 29, 2001: The B.C. Court of Appeal rejects Glowatski’s appeal.

February 4, 2003: The B.C. Court of Appeal orders a new trial for Ellard. She is now 21. The court ruled that the Crown asking her 18 times during her testimony why witnesses would give false testimony against her resulted in an unfair trial.

March 4, 2004: While out on bail, Ellard is charged with assault causing bodily harm in connection with the beating of a 58-year-old woman in a Vancouver park. Her bail is revoked.

June 14, 2004: A second trial opens for Ellard.

June 16, 2004: A girl testifies at Ellard’s trial that Ellard admitted to her that she had killed Virk.

June 24, 2004: Glowatski says he watched Ellard drown Virk.

July 18, 2004: Jurors say they are deadlocked, prompting Justice Selwyn Romilly to declare a mistrial.

February 21, 2005: Ellard goes on trial for a third time, facing second-degree murder charges.

April 12, 2005: Ellard’s third trial comes to a decision: guilty of second-degree murder.

July 7, 2005: Ellard is sentenced to life in prison of seven years before she can seek parole.

September 5, 2008: The B.C. Court of Appeal overturns Ellard’s second-degree murder conviction. A fourth trial is ordered on the grounds that the judge in her third trial judge gave errouneous instructions to the jury over testimony.

June 12, 2009: The Supreme Court of Canada reinstates the second-degree murder conviction of Ellard, almost 12 years after the beating and drowning death of Virk. The 8-1 decision dismisses the prospect of a rare fourth trial for Ellard.


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