‘Fed up’ adult takes boy, 11, driving to stop him from playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video game

Police in Lancashire, England say an adult allowed a child to drive. Pexels

Stick to video games, kid.

That’s the message police in the U.K. were sending after they caught an 11-year-old boy learning to drive alongside a family member over the weekend, in an apparent attempt to make him give up his Grand Theft Auto video game.

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The incident happened on Sunday in Blackpool, a town in Lancashire in the northwest of England, according to the local traffic police.

“The driver of this car was 11 years old,” Lancashire Road Police tweeted, along with a photo of the red sedan in question. “Yes, eleven!” they added.

A vehicle is shown after police stopped its occupants in a car park of Blackpool, England, on March 1, 2020. Lancashire Road Police/Twitter

Police say one of the child’s family members was “fed up” with him playing Grand Theft Auto “all day.” The frustrated adult brought the boy out to the car park to “practice driving” and get him off the Playstation, police said.

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“The adult has been reported for traffic offences,” they added.

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Police also included a tongue-in-cheek screenshot from Grand Theft Auto, which shows the death screen that users see when police have caught them.

The GTA image includes one word: BUSTED.

A screenshot of a police car is shown in this image from the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series of video games. Via Lancashire Road Police/Twitter

They’re just lucky they caught him before he unlocked the tank.


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