June 24, 2013 1:08 pm
Updated: June 24, 2013 1:14 pm

WATCH: Extensive Alberta flood coverage from Global National crew


ABOVE: Crystal Goomansingh is at McMahon Stadium in Calgary where volunteers are gathering to go out into the community and help those affected by the flood

Global National’s team of reporters continues extensive coverage of the unprecedented flooding in Calgary and throughout southern Alberta.

Dawna Friesen is in Calgary, along with reporting from Francis Silvaggio in Medicine Hat, Crystal Goomansingh in Calgary and Jennifer Tryon in Canmore.

Using their smartphones, the team reports from the flood scenes.

WATCH: Dawna Friesen gives viewers a glimpse of the cleanup efforts going on at the Saddledome and Stampede grounds. The flood waters are still close by, though they are retreating

NEW VIDEO: Crystal Goomansingh is on scene in downtown Calgary, where crews are not only pumping water out of underpasses and buildings, but moving the silt and mud off of sidewalks in an effort to get everything cleaned up

NEW VIDEO: Wading through flood waters that remain in Bowness, Jennifer Tryon surveys the damage and has an update on residents returning to the area

WATCH: Dawna Friesen goes to the Calgary community of Riverdale Park, where some homes had three feet of water and mud inside, and damages for some could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon manages to get out of Canmore, despite roads being closed, and sees the mounds of debris that covered Highway 1A

WATCH: Crystal Goomansingh on scene in the Calgary community of Inglewood, where Canadian Forces are working furiously to slow erosion along the banks of the Bow River

WATCH: Dawna Friesen checks out the state of Calgary’s downtown core

WATCH: Dawna Friesen reports from outside a power substation where crews pump out flood waters to get the station back in working order

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon, in Canmore, shows why travel in and out of the area is still very limited

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon explains how crews in Camore worked through the night, attempting to divert flood water

WATCH: It’s sunny in Calgary now, but Crystal Goomansingh explains the raging Bow River is still well over its banks

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon and cameraman David de la Harpe had to move quick to get away from ther rising torrent of the Cougar Creek in Canmore, AB

WATCH: Jayme Doll was capturing video on her iPhone when currents near Canmore became visibly stronger

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon and cameraman David de la Harpe get to safety after the waters of Cougar Creek rushed toward them in Canmore, AB

WATCH: Dawna Friesen reports from Calgary where the flooding situation continues to worsen and has led to an evacuation of the downtown core

WATCH: Crystal Goomansingh gets caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic as officials order a controlled evacuation of downtown Calgary

WATCH: Dawna Friesen heads into Calgary’s downtown core and finds it virtually abandoned

IN PICTURES: Floods ravage southern Alberta 

WATCH: Dawna Friesen wades through the flooded and deserted Calgary downtown core

WATCH: Jennifer Tyron gets an aerial view of the flooding damage in Canmore, Alberta

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon reports from Canmore, where rainfall continues to add to the flooding situation

WATCH: Jennifer Tryon is on the washed-out banks of Cougar Creek, near Canmore, where homes have been devastated by the floods

WATCH: Dawna Friesen reports from Calgary’s Peace Bridge, closed to pedestrians because of the high, rushing flood waters

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