Toronto’s ‘Hydro Cat’ reunited with owner

Emergency crews rescued the cat -- whose actual name is Bruno -- from a tall pole in the city's west end on Thursday morning. Albert Delitala/Global News

The cat known as “Hydro Cat” that was found stranded atop a telephone pole this week has been reunited with his owner.

“He’s a crazy cat,” Uriel Colin said in Spanish, translated by his uncle, Alejandro Corona, as they picked Bruno up from Toronto Animal Services on Saturday afternoon.

Emergency crews rescued the cat — whose actual name is Bruno — from a tall pole in the city’s west end on Thursday morning.

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Those following the saga on social media quickly coined the hashtag #Hydrocat, even though the pole was, in fact, used for telecommunications.

Colin said he left his house door open Thursday night after discovering his cat was missing in hopes he would come home. When he didn’t, Colin checked the service’s website where he found a cat that matched Bruno’s appearance and description.

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Less than 10 per cent of cats at Toronto Animal Services are claimed by their owners, manager Mary Lou Leiher told Global News.

“There are very few of the cats that end up here that actually get claimed by their owner so this is such a happy ending for Bruno.”

Leiher said a veterinarian deemed Bruno to be in good health.

“He’s a bit into some mischief, but he’s a healthy, beautiful cat,” she said.

Colin and Corona plan to get Bruno neutered and micro-chipped.

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“We’re going to keep an eye on him from now on,” Corona said.

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