Family Day draws thousands to events in Calgary

Family Day draws thousands to Calgary events
WATCH: Calgary families attended multiple events throughout the city on Family Day. As Jessie Weisner explains, the events allowed them to reflect on what the holiday means to them.

The 30th anniversary of Family Day in Alberta rolled around this Feb. 17, inspiring thousands of Calgarians to attend local events.

Studio Bell attracted parents, kids and couples to their programming, including interactive displays, performances and a family dance party.

“We just want to celebrate the people that matter most with the people that matter most to them,” said Jess Knights, manager of education and public programming at Studio Bell.

“There’s not a lot of reservation — they’re so freely dancing and they’re so eager to explore and experiment — it’s just so nice to see.”

The Calgary Central Library was also a hot spot, hosting a pyjama party with a cartoon marathon, cereal buffet and magician performances.

“Libraries are supposed to be community hubs and I think this library and all of our libraries are a great example of that,” said Steven Dohlman, service delivery leader at the Calgary Central Library. “They have something for everybody, including fun performances on days like today.”

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Interlocking love: Creative Lego competition hits Calgary on Family Day
Interlocking love: Creative Lego competition hits Calgary on Family Day

Another busy place was the Olympic Plaza skating rink, attracting skaters despite low temperatures on Monday.

Mackenzie Kreutzer and her boyfriend Darius Brightman were out enjoying the day on the rink.

“It means spending time with your loved ones and family and getting to spend the time because everyone’s really busy with work and school, so being able to have a fun time [and] going skating is lots of fun,” Kreutzer said.

“Family Day just means no matter how many responsibilities you have in a day, it’s just kind of dedicated to everyone coming together and put everything aside,” Brightman said.

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A similar perspective was shared by Vancouverite Katie Womersly and her girlfriend Brooklyn Zelenka, who visited Studio Bell for the first time on Monday.

“[It’s] just a time to celebrate with my family and to me that means my chosen family, people that are meaningful to me and my life,” Womersly said.

“Spending time with the people we love and actually taking the time to do that, we’re always so busy,” Zelenka said.

City services such as transit, landfills, city hall and aquatic centres will return to regular hours on Feb. 18.