London platoon chief said smoke alarms key in early detection of Toulon Crescent fire

Toulon Crescent house fire Feb 14, 2020.
Toulon Crescent house fire Feb 14, 2020. @LdnOntFire / via Twitter

The London Fire Department is crediting smoke alarms in ensuring a mother and child were safe from a house fire on Toulon Crescent.

Firefighters received a 911 call for a structure fire on Toulon Crescent at 12:30 Friday afternoon.

“The smoke alarms that were sounded gave early detection to the occupants, who were able to evacuate the structure quickly and make [a] 911 call,” said Platoon Chief Gary Mosburger.

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He told Global News that crews were able to get to the house within four minutes and quickly contain the fire to the first floor.

“We were able to considerably keep the damage estimate bellow $100,000,” Mosburger said, “which could have been a lot worse.”

A mother and her young child were at home when the fire broke out, but both were able to evacuate unharmed.

Mosburger said at this time, a space heater is believed to be the cause of the fire.

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“When you’re utilizing space heater in your home, make sure you give yourself plenty of room around the space heater,” he said.

He recommends leaving three to four feet of room between the heater and any combustibles.

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