City of Lethbridge to move forward with conversion therapy ban

Lethbridge LGBTQ2+ advocates, Councillors ask for conversion therapy ban
WATCH ABOVE: (Feb. 6, 2020) Calgary became the latest municipality in Alberta to pass a motion banning conversion therapy. Now Lethbridge LGBTQ2+ advocates are hoping for similar results when they bring forward a motion at Monday's council meeting. Taz Dhaliwal reports.

The City of Lethbridge will be moving forward with a municipal ban on conversion therapy.

On Monday, city council passed a motion to direct administration to draft a bylaw that will ban the controversial practice within city limits.

Conversion therapy is the practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation through psychological tactics.

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The motion directing the city to draft a bylaw was passed in a 7-2 vote.

Another part of the resolution asking Mayor Chris Spearman to send a letter to the Alberta government advocating for a province-wide ban on the practice received unanimous approval.

“Part of being a councillor is ensuring the community’s best interests are being served,” said Coun. Jeff Carlson in a news release.

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“We know thanks to organizations like the Canadian Psychological Association, conversion therapy leaves long-term and often debilitating issues for those who have endured the practice and that’s not something we want to see our community members at risk of being exposed to.”

A proposed bylaw to ban conversion therapy within the City of Lethbridge is set to be back before city council for first reading no later than June 1.