Surrey’s population projected to surpass Vancouver’s

Within the next 10 to 12 years Surrey’s population is expected to grow and surpass that of Vancouver; which is far faster than projected.

The unveiling of Concord Pacific’s two additional towers in the ‘new’ Surrey Central City shows a huge shift in the landscape with the city’s population growth surpassing all expectations.

“We have a very young population, a lot of families, moving into the area,” says Surrey Mayor Diane Watts. “All of those things that create that population base we need to make sure we have the infrastructure – we’re building a city.”

The number of residential building permits being granted shows the boom that’s happening. During the economic crunch in 2009, there were only 2,200 permits issued. Now there have been record breaking numbers since with 4,000 permits granted last year.

“Five or six major developers are currently quietly buying every piece of land from 96th and 108th Avenue,” says Grant Murray, VP of sales for Concord Pacific.

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The boom not only allows Surrey to grow up but also shed some of the past labels behind because the entire area is getting a makeover.

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