Trevor Harris excited about reunion with Milanovich

Last off season, it was tap dancing. This off season, Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Trevor Harris is again going outside the box for his training.

Harris is doing all the usual things that pro football players do to get ready for a new season but he has added boxing and gymnastics to his off season this year.

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“I’m boxing one day a week and I’m going through some gymnastic rings stuff,” said the 33-year-old Ohio native, who is going into his ninth CFL season and second as the Eskimos’ starting quarterback.

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The tap dancing last year was to improve his footwork; working out on the gymnastic rings also has a purpose.

“For core stability, for shoulder stability and those sorts of things. I’m just trying to turn over every leaf to see if it can improve me in anyway.”

Harris is also working out with his trainer – a man who trains Navy Seals – and Harris has something else planned that he is keeping under wraps right now.

“I’m going to wait to see if this other thing comes through before I say anything.”

Boxing, gymnastics and tap dancing so far – what could be next for Harris in his workouts?  Stay tuned.

This off season Harris has been reunited with his first CFL head coach and offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich who has replaced Jason Maas as head coach of the Eskimos. Harris enjoyed his time with Maas but is excited to work again with Milanovich who coached him from 2012 to 2015 with the Argos.

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“It’s really refreshing to have him here. I’ve come full circle in my career. I started my career in the CFL under coach Milanovich and the fact that I get to be with him when I feel like I’m starting to enter the prime of my career is just awesome and I am thankful to be under his tutelage again.”

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In 2015, Harris took over the starters role with the Argos for an injured Ricky Ray and played 17 games, throwing for over 4,000 yards and leading the league in touchdown passes with 33.

Milanovich is looking forward to the reunion with Harris.

“Trevor and I stayed in touch over the years. The fact that he knows me and I know him, and have a pretty good idea of what he is good at, will make things happen quicker.”

Milanovich adds that Harris has all the tools a good QB needs.

“He’s smart, great grasp of the offence, very, very accurate, gets the ball out quick and doesn’t get credit for how good he is movement wise in the pocket. He is no scrambler but he will buy time. He will slide left and slide right to find extra time to get the ball down field.”

Slide left and slide right. Sounds like tap dancing has paid off.

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