Woman who faked her way into becoming both a teacher and nurse also wanted for fraud charges in U.S.

CALGARY – A woman who has admitted to fraudulently working as a nurse in Calgary is facing extradition to the United States.

Bridgette Marier has pled guilty to a long list of charges; earlier this week she admitted to fraudulently working as a teacher at Rose Sauvage School. Before that she pled guilty to fraudulently working as a nurse in Calgary and she served jailtime in Ontario for posing a registered nurse there as well.

She has even faked her way into a hair salon that is now closed and for sale, leaving her business partner on the hook for $20,000.

When she is served her sentence in Calgary, officials say she’ll need to answer to outstanding warrants for fraud related charges in Colorado and Florida, where she is known as Brigitte Cleroux.

Those charges are several years ago, but officials tell global News they still expect her to be brought before a U.S. court.

“In this case the process is still in the air, but the process will be initiated by U.S. Marshalls coming to us to make a determination of how it’ going to be proceeded with,” says Sgt. Patrick Webb.

Calgary police say they anticipate laying further charges against Marier in the next week. Marier remains in custody in Calgary.


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