No morning collisions despite wild Wednesday weather: Regina police

Visibility was low Wednesday morning while a winter storm hit the Regina area. Adrian Raaber / Global News

It was a harrowing commute to work for many in the province Wednesday morning.

High winds and significant snowfall made for slippery roads and low visibility across a large chunk of southern Saskatchewan.

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It seems Regina drivers handled the conditions well, though. Regina police say they didn’t respond to any calls this morning, though they attended four multi-vehicle collisions this afternoon. They say only one of those collisions involved minor injuries.

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With the weather in mind, Global News reached out to SGI for some tips to keep your tires where they should be while driving this season.

“Safe winter driving starts before you even leave your driveway,” said SGI media relations manager Tyler McMurchy.

McMurchy added it’s important to take the time to completely clear your windows of snow and ice, and to do the same for any snow on your hood or roof.

“That’s so you’re not creating a mini blizzard behind you,” McMurchy said.

He also highlighted the importance of driving to the conditions.

“Give yourself extra time so you don’t feel rushed and don’t feel the need to speed,” he said, “and give yourself extra following distance behind other vehicles so you have time to react.”

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McMurchy had advice for if you find yourself on the highway in such conditions as well.

“You’ll definitely not want to use cruise control on the highway. That can cause your tires to spin and you’ll lose control,” he said.

“You’ll also want to pack an emergency kit with non-perishable food, blankets or winter clothing, booster cables, that sort of thing, so if you do find yourself stranded in poor weather you’ll be able to ride it out until help comes.”