Lotto Max to draw Canadian record — and Montrealers are feeling lucky

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WATCH: Lotto Max to draw Canadian record – Jan 3, 2020

Friday’s Lotto Max lottery draw could mean a very prosperous start to 2020 for some Montrealers, if they’re lucky.

The jackpot has reached a record high $70 million, and if Quebec’s lottery winning streak continues, there could be another multi-millionaire in the province, according to Loto Quebec.

“It’s $70 million, man,” laughed Patrice Lavoie, corporate director of Loto Quebec, who said he bought two tickets. “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

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Elaine Walter was also feeling lucky. She stood in line in the lobby at the Loto Quebec offices to get tickets for her and a group of 14 friends.

“We’re are all doing it as a group so that we can all frig off from work,” she laughed. “I just want to be on an island somewhere and relax and enjoy life.”

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According to Lavoie, the jackpot is a Canadian record. He explained that previously the cap was $60 million, but last May, that bar was lifted. He said the reason this draw is so high, is that nobody won the last big prize.

“Last draw it was $56 million,” he told Global News. “The draw before was $60 million but [nobody] won, so it goes up until $70 million.”

He added that there are also 10 draws of a million dollars each called Max Millions, “so you actually have 11 chances of becoming a millionaire tonight,” he winked.

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According to Loto Quebec, the lottery made more than 100 new millionaires a year in the province since 2016. Lavoie said last year there were only 88 new millionaires in Quebec but, “the biggest jackpot was $65 million won last June by a family here in Quebec.”

He pointed out that winning a jackpot this big can be overwhelming, so they do have advisers to counsel winners.

“Take your time,” he said. “Don’t make any quick decisions and make sure you let the dust settle.”

Walter said she already has plans for what she’ll do if she strikes it rich.

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“My 14 grandkids, seven great-grandkids will all benefit along with my four girls,” she said. “And at $70 million I think we can donate, so I think I’d like to donate and get a lot of homeless off the street.”

Now, all she can do is cross her fingers, and wait.

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