Teskey appeals dangerous offender status

Less than two months after being declared a dangerous ofender, Leo Teskey is appealing the ruling. Teskey filed the appeal in August. Not having a lawyer, Teskey has filed the appeal himself, and at this time, it is not known if that matter will make it to court.

Lesley Miller, the wife of the man Teskey beat into a vegetative state was in Scotland at the time and didn’t know about the appeal until recently.

Miller remains heartbroken ten years after her husband Dougald was brutally attacked by Leo Teskey on November 21, 2000.

She says she will attend any hearing regarding her husband’s attacker as long as she’s alive.

"You came into our lives uninvited and you took my husbands life away from him, and you took my life away. Now I’m going to make sure your life is taken by spending the rest of it in prison," Lesley told Global news.

Teskey was declared a dangerous offender earlier this year for the second time. The first ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court after they found that the judge took an unreasonable length of time to deliver the conviction.

Ten years ago, Teskey crushed Dougald’s skull, broke his jaw, and tore off part of his ear. Dougald, now 71, is cared for by his wife.


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