London’s Salvation Army appeals for Christmas Kettle Campaign volunteers

The campaign aims to raise $550,000 by Christmas eve.
The campaign aims to raise $550,000 by Christmas eve. File Photo / Getty Images

The Salvation Army is looking for those with a couple of hours of free time — especially on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays — as it enters the final two weeks of its Christmas Kettle Campaign.

From now until Christmas Eve, spokesperson Shannon Wise said the goal is to have 85 per cent of shifts filled.

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“They are hovering around 65 (per cent), some up at 70, of course which is great, but again it’s those Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays that seem to be more challenging to fill,” she explained.

“You can volunteer at any location throughout the city. There’s about 50 different locations, so whatever’s closest to you, whatever’s convenient for you. You can pick your preferred time and location right on our website.”

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Wise’s message came on Uniform Service Day for the kettle, which saw police officers, firefighters, EMS representatives and others spread out at kettles throughout the community.

“We’re all serving the community, whether it’s fire, police, EMS, any emergency service, like the Salvation Army as well — we do provide emergency disaster services and spiritual care to those who are going through that, whether it’s a fire, a flood, etc.,” she said.

“This is a great way that all of the uniforms in the city of London can come together and really create that sense of support. They’re here, we’re here and we all are working together to make our community better.”

This year, the kettle campaign aims to raise $550,000.