Part of northern Alberta could feel like -40 C with wind chill Monday night: Environment Canada

Extreme cold hazards: wind chill, frostbite and hypothermia
WATCH ABOVE: (From February 2019) Wind chill is a huge factor when spending time outdoors during cold Prairie winters. But what is it and how does it affect us? Global News meteorologist, Tiffany Lizée explains.

An extreme cold warning was in effect for Wood Buffalo and Lac La Biche County in northern Alberta on Monday.

Environment Canada warned that wind chills were expected “to return to near -40 C in parts of northeastern Alberta again tonight.”

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“Overnight temperatures should moderate somewhat by mid-week,” the weather agency said on its website.

“Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks to warm up.”

Environment Canada also warned people in affected areas to watch for cold-related health symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain or weakness, numbness and colour change in fingers and toes.

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The weather agency also said when it’s too cold for people to be outside, it’s also too cold for their pets to be outside.

For a complete list of weather warnings, watches and advisories in Alberta, click here.

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