Award-winning recycling business in Outlook, Sask. forced to close

WATCH ABOVE: Taylor Layton closed her business after Outlook hired a waste management company.

Seven years after starting her own business, Taylor Layton is now out of a job.

Layton, who is 26-years-old and has Down syndrome, started Taylor’s Recycling Pick-Up because she needed a job. At her busiest, she had over 100 clients in Outlook, Sask., a town of nearly 2,300. But on Monday, her usual collection day, she sat at home.

Taylor’s mother, Eloise, told Global News that the town council decided to hire a waste management company in October, putting Taylor out of work. Nov. 25 was her last collection day.

“I’m hurt. My feelings [are] hurt,” Taylor said.

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Eloise said she and Taylor were collecting recycling when she received a call from the town’s administration asking to meet.

“I was shocked. I didn’t quite know how to process it,” she said.

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“It meant a lot to both of us. It was her independence, her source of income, her contribution to the community.”

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Taylor said she formed connections with her clients.

One of them, Sally Pederson, said Taylor’s efforts are already missed.

Pederson told Global News that her mother is 90 and that Taylor would go into her porch to collect the recycling and would then replace the bag in the bin.

“And now my mom’s going, ‘what am I going to do?’” Pederson said.

Taylor and Eloise said they have no plans for new businesses and that they’re just taking time to reminisce about the business Taylor once had.

The town council declined to comment.