Bill Kelly: Andrew Scheer is a political dead man walking

Click to play video: 'Growing calls for Scheer to quit as Conservative leader' Growing calls for Scheer to quit as Conservative leader
WATCH: Since Andrew Scheer lost the election, there have been growing calls for him to step down as the Conservative Party's leader – Nov 27, 2019

In the days and weeks following the Conservatives’ unsuccessful attempt to unseat the Trudeau Liberals in the recent federal election, it’s become more and more clear that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is the fall guy who will shoulder the blame for the party’s failure to seize power.

The latest example of Tory unrest is the formation of a non-profit conservative group whose sole purpose is to oust Scheer as leader of the federal Conservatives as soon as possible and not wait for the scheduled leadership review next April.

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We’ve already heard that a number of returning Conservative MPs blame Scheer for their reduced margins of victory, and many defeated Conservative candidates blame Scheer for their failure to topple an unpopular Liberal government.

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In light of the fact the Conservative policy platform was woefully inadequate on key issues like climate change and help for the struggling middle class, it might be unfair to target Scheer as the sole cause of his party’s failure to win the election.

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But his waffling on key social and ethical issues raised some legitimate concerns about his leadership ability and, in the vicious and cold-hearted game of politics, where winning is the only goal, it seems that more and more Conservatives now view Scheer as a liability. His political “best before” date may be imminent.

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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