Video shows engine spewing flames on Manila-bound Philippine Airlines plane

Click to play video: 'Flames shoot from jet engine as dad films daughter’s reaction to takeoff'
Flames shoot from jet engine as dad films daughter’s reaction to takeoff
A Manila-bound Philippine Airlines flight was forced to return to Los Angeles on Nov. 21 after “experiencing a technical problem” that resulted in flames shooting out of one of its engines – Nov 25, 2019

Passengers — including one little girl — were left shocked and shaken after flames shot out of their airplane’s engine shortly after takeoff.

A Philippine Airlines flight bound for Manila had to turn back to Los Angeles on Nov. 21 after a “technical problem” resulted in an engine fire.

In a video shared by passenger Adam Taylor and verified by Storyful, explosions can be heard from inside the aircraft. Taylor’s daughter, Maui, reacts in shock when she sees the flames coming from outside her window.

The booming noises can be heard just after the plane takes off and begins to ascend. Maui can be seen looking up at the window, brow furrowed in concern.

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“I’ve never seen that before,” Taylor says, moving the camera to give viewers a look outside the window. Shots of fire blast from the engine.

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“Oh my god, it’s blowing fire out of there,” Taylor continues. “I’ve never seen that before. That’s doesn’t sound good, doesn’t look good.”

The plane begins to turn, presumably to head back to the California city from which it departed. Taylor then turns the camera on himself and a woman sitting next to him, and both appear to be nervous. In the background, worried passengers stare out their windows.

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Meanwhile, on the ground, witnesses were concerned about the Boeing 777 that had just taken off.

Someone watching the plane depart shared a video of the incident to their Twitter account. The video shows the plane ascending with flames shooting out from underneath the right wing.

The Twitter user wrote: “Is a plane suppose [sic] to spew flames?”
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According to NBC Los Angeles, mayday calls made by the pilot to air traffic control show the pilot believed the situation was life-threatening.

“I wanted to film her reaction taking off on a plane,” Taylor told NBC Los Angeles. “When I saw the flames, I didn’t know what to think. Is this like a car when it backfires?”

However, Taylor says he began to worry when others on the plane showed concern.

“I know the flight attendants aren’t supposed to panic, so at that point I’m like, this is pretty serious.”

No one was injured, and the plane landed safely, CBS Los Angeles reported.

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Flight 113’s emergency landing made the tires pop, given the aircraft had 342 passengers and so much fuel on board.

“All 342 passengers and 18 crew members are safe and were able to disembark from the airplane using regular airstairs,” Philippine Airlines said in a statement.

Taylor and his family had to stay overnight in a hotel and travel to Ontario, Calif., to board a flight to Taiwan before finally making it to their original destination of Bali, Indonesia.

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