Mystery cone found hanging hundreds of feet in the air in Rosemont

A construction cone has been left dangling hundreds of feet in the air with no explanation.

In Montreal, bright orange construction cones can be found on just about every road in the city.

In Rosemont, they can also be found hanging hundreds of feet in the air.

Over the weekend, a cone appeared suspended between the two smokestacks of the abandoned incinerator in the borough.

It’s common to see new graffiti on the walls and pillars, resident Gilles Tanguay said, but it was a surprise to see the cone dangling Sunday morning.

“Clearly in the morning there is always something new and that morning it was a … cone,” Tanguay said.

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From a modern art installation to a new airplane detour, there are plenty of ideas about why the cone is there.

Many in the area think it’s a clever stunt.

“I saw it as tongue-in-cheek for the city of Montreal, all the cones are everywhere,” Frederic Bennet said.

While many questions surround the hanging cone, the biggest one is how it got there.

“I’m guessing it’s someone with a different sense of humour — they did it as a symbol of Montreal,” Tanguay said.

Borough officials said they are aware of the situation and have contacted the proper authorities to deal with the issue in the coming days.

In the meantime, with no leads, the stunt will be added to the list of high-flying unsolved mysteries in Montreal. In October, a shed atop an abandoned industrial complex in Saint-Henri was painted bright pink.

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