NCC adds 5 bison bulls to Saskatchewan herd

WATCH: NCC adds five bull bison to an existing Saskatchewan herd.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is looking for helping naming five new bison bulls being added to an existing Saskatchewan herd.

The five bulls, who are roughly two and a half years old, are now part of the herd at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area (OMB), 210 kilometres southwest of Swift Current.

NCC said the bulls, two who were born in Saskatchewan and the other three in central Alberta, were added to help maintain the health of the herd.

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The bulls will help NCC diversify the genetics of the herd and to ensure calves are healthy, officials said.

The NCC said the public can help with the naming of the bulls, who will continue to grow for an additional five years.

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“Should they be named after Outlaw Country Singers, New Kids on the Block,  Action Movie Stars or Looney Tunes Characters?” the NCC is asking.

Voting is taking place at the NCC’s Twitter account — @NCC_CNC — and closes on Nov. 21.

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Bison became extinct in the OMB region in the early 1900s.

A group of 50 two-year-old plains bison were brought to OMB from Elk Island National Park in Alberta in the winter of 2003.

NCC said the goal of reintroducing the native grazer is to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the area.

The herd has now become an established fixture on the prairie, officials said on Friday.

NCC acquired the land in 1996 when it was donated to the organization by Peter and Sharon Butala.

New hands-on program aims to teach students about bison
New hands-on program aims to teach students about bison