Animal rescue seeks homes for 5 bunnies whose mom survived being shot with arrow in Calgary

WATCH: A rabbit rescue in Calgary jumped into action to save a feral bunny that was shot with an arrow. But when Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue took her in, they quickly found out she was pregnant with five babies.

An animal rescue that found a feral rabbit who survived being shot with an arrow this summer in Calgary is now trying to find homes for the bunnies she gave birth to shortly after her ordeal.

In July, the mama rabbit — now named Katniss — was left for dead with an arrow in her side before being found alive by Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue.

“We went out and caught her. She just happened to grace us with five babies too,” said Amanda Greening, founder of Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue, on Wednesday.

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When the group found Katniss on July 19, it took her to the vet and discovered she was pregnant. On July 27, she birthed five babies.

“[Katniss] did a really good job on her own,” Greening said. “She took care of the babies [awesomely]. She was a really tough little rabbit, so [for us,] it was just making sure everything stayed clean and getting her over the behavioural part of it.”
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Katniss found a home on Oct. 4.

“[The adopter] had recently lost his rabbit, so Katniss had just to happened to be in the right place at the right time, and she found an awesome home,” Greening said.

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The five rabbits will be spayed and neutered, then fostered until they find homes.

“[The bunnies have] been great health-wise. They are good,” Greening said.

“They are a little on the skittish side, just because I think that feral gene is kind of still there when it’s been multiple generations. But once they get used to you and have some kind of time to settle down, then they’re great.”

Anyone looking to adopt the bunnies has to know that the animals have different needs than, say, cats and dogs.

“I think one of the biggest issues people have with rabbits is how destructive they are, so just [make] sure you understand them and how to house them,” Greening said.
One of Katniss’ babies at Global Calgary on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019.
One of Katniss’ babies at Global Calgary on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019. Global News

Though Katniss now has a home and her babies are thriving, her near-death experience still weighs heavily on her rescuers.

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“It’s so much suffering for these guys. I find that rabbits, in general, just don’t have the same kind of protection as cats and dogs,” Greening said.

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Three rabbits were found shot with arrows between May and June in Calgary.