City asks for cooperation from motorists as snow removal gets underway in Montreal

Snow removal underway after Montreal’s first snowstorm
WATCH: The clean up is underway after Tuesday's early winter blast blanketed Montreal. The city of Montreal has officially launched its first snow removal operation throughout the city's boroughs. As Brayden Jagger Haines reports, drivers should be wary of where they park.

Montreal’s snow removal operations got underway on Wednesday after winter’s early onslaught.

City spokesperson Philippe Sabourin confirmed the city has never, in its history, launched an operation this early in the season.

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Sabourin said all hands on deck to get the job done.

“In the 19 boroughs we’re sending all of our crews,” he said. “There’s more than 3,000 employees out on the roads to load all those piles of snow.”

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Sabourin said he expects it will take up to four days to load the 20 centimetres of snow that blanketed Montreal Monday and Tuesday.

Snow tire frenzy hits Montreal
Snow tire frenzy hits Montreal

He cautions, however, that the city needs the cooperation of residents to ensure a seamless operation.

“We’re asking drivers to help the city by respecting the non-parking signs,” he said, adding work is often slowed down because cars need to be towed.

“In every operation we can expect to have as much as 5,000 cars being towed. It’s too much.”

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Fines for towing can run upwards of $150, according to Sabourin.

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Wednesday’s priority is to finish removal operations on the city’s main roads.

In the meantime, Sabourin recommends taking public transit, to avoid limited parking options during snow removal.