Toronto man sentenced to 2 years in jail for killing his friend in Bloor St. crash

Galeeb Abau-Jabeen is seen in front of a Toronto court.
Galeeb Abau-Jabeen is seen in front of a Toronto court. Global News

A 26-year-old Toronto man has been sentenced to two years less a day in jail, three years probation, 240 hours community service and a ten-year driving ban which will begin upon release in connection to a car crash that killed his best friend and critically injured another passenger.

Galeeb Abau-Jabeen hugged his parents, sister and other family members who were visibly upset, before being handcuffed and led away from a University Avenue courtroom on Friday. In April, a jury found Abau-Jabeen guilty of criminal negligence causing death and criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

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It was November 28, 2016 just before 10 p.m. when Abau-Jabeen was speeding along Bloor Street east of Sherbourne and lost control of his car striking a light standard at the corner of Bloor and Parliament streets, killing his best friend, 25-year-old Mohammad Mohammad, who was in the backseat and critically injuring the passenger who was sitting next to him, 20-year-old Elif Gozgoz.

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Neveen Moukbel, who was also a passenger in the car and survived the crash testified during the trial.

She told the court she warned Abau-Jabeen to slow down but he didn’t heed her warning. Court heard he was travelling 85 kilometres an hour in a 40 kilometre an hour zone and had 30 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood despite the fact Abau-Jabeen was a G2 driver and was not allowed to have any alcohol before driving.

Madam Justice Wailan Low said Friday, “The accident was a direct result of him showing off and driving at high speeds. The accident was clearly foreseeable.”

She also said, however, that she is satisfied that Abau-Jabeen has taken responsibility for his actions and believes he is genuinely remorseful.

The judge said she considered the crown’s submission for a sentence of five to seven years in a penitentiary but in the end, decided to give Abau-Jabeen two years less a day in jail along with the other stipulations.

She said while the sentence should denounce the actions of the offender and deter others, it should still encourage rehabilitation.

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Court heard that Abau-Jabeen has no prior convictions.

“Driving is a pervasive activity in this country. Automobiles, however, have the ability to become instruments of carnage,” said Low. “The incident and tragic outcome had had a sobering effect on Mr. Abau-Jabeen but a young man has died and a young woman has suffered significant injury.”

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Mohammad’s brother and sister, whose victim impact statements were read out in court during a sentencing hearing in September, did not attend the hearing.

Aliya Hassan, Mohammad’s sister wrote that their mother was killed by a car bomb when she was 13-years-old.

She said that two years later, their father moved them to Canada before he tragically died of cancer three years later.

“He [Mohammad] was like my dad after my dad died. He provided a lot of advice and guidance in my life. I feel sad thinking why this has happened to us,” wrote Hassan.

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