Halloween 2019’s Trick or Treat forecast around Manitoba

Hand out candy with a tong for safety, says Waterloo Region's top doctor. Getty Images

There’s already been significant snow and more has been falling around the province just a few days ahead of Halloween, so let’s take a look at how Trick-or-Treaters will fare this Thursday night.

Let’s head around to some of the larger cities and towns throughout the province and see what conditions will be like at 7 P.M. in each one.


The last five Halloweens in the city have had varied temperatures and conditions; the last couple times temperatures were above 0°, and there was fog and drizzle.

The last two years have had temperatures below 0 C at 7 p.m. Last year, temperatures were at -0.1 C with a wind chill value of -3. In 2017 temperatures were at -2.4 C and a wind chill of -9. Both nights were generally cloudy, although in 2017 there was some snow in the air that afternoon. These are a pretty good measuring stick or comparisons for what conditions will be like this year.

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Temperatures will be near -2 C and with light winds, a wind chill value near -6. There is a chance of snow that night and around 7 p.m. is about as early as it might show up. The later it gets at night, the more likely snow is to arrive, so if you’re out and back early, you probably won’t see any snow. If you’re out later, there’s a chance.


Brandon will experience similar conditions as in Winnipeg. Temperatures just below the freezing mark, around -1 C and light winds will make it feel like -5. The notable difference here is snow being more likely. Some models have it showing up later in the evening as well, but the most likely scenario is seeing Elsa and Olaf feeling right at home with light snow around the city.

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Here again, a very similar forecast to Winnipeg. Near -2 C and a wind chill value around -7. Light snow is possible in the evening, but more likely the later it gets.


Here, there will likely be snow. By the time it wraps up later on Friday, there could be up around 5 cm but Thursday, it will likely start in the afternoon. Snowfall should be light but consistent. Temperatures will be quite similar to the rest of southern Manitoba. At 7 p.m. it’ll be -1 C and a winch chill value of -4.


As we move north, there won’t be a significant difference in the weather. The whole province will be sitting under a low pressure system in the territories. A small difference Thursday — it will be cloudy all day but temperature-wise at 7 p.m. temperatures will be around -2 C with a wind chill value of -5. Similar to Dauphin, light snow will likely start in the afternoon and carry through the evening. Total accumulations will be around 2 cm.

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As much as Thompson’s forecast is slightly cooler, “slightly” is the key word. Again, closer to the low pressure system in the territories, Thursday will be overcast all day, but here, snow is less likely on Thursday. Temperatures in the evening at 7 p.m. will be close to -3C and a wind chill value of -5.

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Now that we’ve moved much closer to the low pressure system, it’s more likely to see some light snow. Fortunately winds will be light. Thursday will be a snowy day, starting in the morning and continuing into Friday. Churchill’s forecast changes far more (in my experience) than most of the province but at this time, snowfall could be around 5 cm by Friday evening. For trick-or-treaters, you will have temperatures near -3 C and wind chill values near -8.

As you can see, temperatures and wind chill values will be similar around the province with the chance of seeing some light snow. Keep in mind this is based on information from Tuesday morning, but with consistent conditions expected from the south to the north, the only real variable that could change will be the timing when light snow arrives.

Happy Trick-or-Treating, and stay safe!

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