Manitoba Hydro wants your storm photos of recent Colorado Low

A tree branch fell on this house in Winnipeg Friday.
A tree branch fell on this house in Winnipeg Friday. Priscilla Kerr Hatae/Submitted

Manitoba Hydro is asking the public for their storm photos — specifically, photos of the Colorado Low that recently swept through the bottom half of the province, destroying trees, transmission towers and hydro poles alike.

Hydro spokesperson Bruce Owen told Global News that they’re hoping people will submit their photos before they delete them off their phones, tablets or cameras.

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“If you have any video or pictures you took during the height of the storm that shows lots of snow, we would love those pictures,” said Owen.

“We are looking for pictures and video of ice and snow accumulation to help us quantify the magnitude of the event,” he added.

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“We have lots of information regarding the aftermath, but very little of the time leading up to and during the event — that’s what we need.”

From there, Manitoba Hydro’s climatologist can extrapolate data and “calibrate weather models, and co-ordinate it with the timing of the actual outages on the Thanksgiving weekend and the failures of the transmission towers.”

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It’s hoped that data will help Hydro plan future transmission lines and better prepare for future storms, said Owen.

Those who have photos and are willing to share are asked to email it to Please include approximately when and where it was taken, and any first-hand information you may have.

Click to play video 'Bruce Owen on Manitoba Hydro and storm damage' Bruce Owen on Manitoba Hydro and storm damage
Bruce Owen on Manitoba Hydro and storm damage