UBC Okanagan students join Special Olympians for Motionball fundraiser

UBC Okanagan hosts Motionball fundraiser
More than 100 students and Special Olympians teamed up for a Motionball fundraiser in UBC Okanagan's gymnasium on Sunda.

More than 100 UBC Okanagan students joined Special Olympians for a Motionball fundraiser in Kelowna on Sunday.

Athletes with intellectual disabilities teamed up with students for a fun filled day of crafts and sports, including volley-pong, futsal, bench ball and bocce.

“It inspires me so much to be here. It’s full of laughter, entertainment and full of fun,” Special Olympian Joanna Morris said.

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Morris said events like Motionball help her keep in shape.

“To be active, to be an independent young woman, to be a part of this beautiful place, and to be here, have fun get to know people and be friends with everyone,” she said.

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The event hosted at the university expected to raise about $10,000 for the Special Olympics. It will be added to the $140,000 recently raised during a city-wide Motionball fundraiser.

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“It goes to help athletes with travel expenses because it’s expensive for their families to fund all their sports and equipment and everything so we help them with that, and on their journey to the Olympics,” Motionball event co-ordinator Neema Maenpaa said.

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“I love my team. They’re all full of excitement, and they’re always happy,” Special Olympian Lucy Carpenter said.

Carpenter said she’s been competing in the Special Olympics for more than 30 years.

“The Special Olympics are very important to help support special needs people to keep active,” she said.