Special Series: Human trafficking

Human trafficking isn’t only a problem abroad, it’s happening right here in Calgary – where girls and boys, some as young as 11, are bought and sold for sex.

In our special series, Jill Croteau investigates the flesh trade that is claiming a growing number of young victims in Alberta and across Canada. From an undercover police operation in Calgary to Vancouver’s east side, Jill uncovers the hidden nature of a modern-day form of sexual slavery, and gives a voice to the victims.

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WATCH: The Flesh Trade – Part 3
WATCH: Online Extra – Jasmine
Jasmine was a university student trying to pay for her education. She was a target for a man who both manipulated and physically and mentally abused her. She was one of the first victims in the country under the new criminal code charges to come forward to put her human trafficker in jail- a man who eventually got her pregnant.
WATCH: The Flesh Trade – Part 2
WATCH: Online Extra – Diane
Hear the entire interview of a mother’s desperate effort to rescue her daughter after she was sold into the sex trade. She has turned her own burdens into a mission to help other families in the same situation starting an organization called “Children of the Street”.
WATCH: The Flesh Trade – Part 1
WATCH: Online Extra – Vice Sting
See the unedited version of what happens when our Global cameras go along with an undercover team of the Calgary Police Vice Unit. The detectives spend some nights finding women online, then conduct their sting out of city motels.
WATCH: Online Extra – Natalie
In her own words hear from a single mother working in the sex trade in Calgary. Our entire conversation – unedited – gives a sobering perspective on what women and men are subjected to.
Watch: Jill Croteau talks about the making of this special series.

Links: Resources for women trapped in the sex trade, and families trying to get help.

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