Walk on water: ‘Jesus shoes’ filled with holy water sell out in minutes

A Brooklyn-based shoe company created a shoe that allows customers to 'walk on water' like Jesus. MSCHF

A Brooklyn-based shoe company wants their customers to walk on water, like Jesus did.

On Tuesday, MSCHF released a limited-edition sneaker filled with holy water sourced from the Jordan River, dubbed Jesus Shoes.

The price tag? A mere US$3,000. They reportedly sold out within minutes.

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The all-white Nike Air Max 97s have the water, mixed with blue dye, injected into the air bubble made famous by the brand’s Air styles.

The design isn’t at all affiliated with Nike, however. The shoes, New York Post reports, were purchased at retail price and privately re-designed.

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The sneaker features the brand’s traditional swoosh check mark, a large crucifix on the top, as well as “MT. 14:25” in writing, which is a reference to the Bible verse Matthew 14:25.

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“And in the fourth watch of the night he came to them, walking on the sea,” the verse, which tells of Jesus walking on water, reads.

The red insoles of the ‘Jesus shoes’ are scented with frankincense. MSCHF

According to the publication, the insoles of the shoe are frankincense-scented. In the Old Testament, God commands Moses to create an Altar of Incense using pure frankincense, an aromatic resin.

Even the box is on brand, with the cardboard showing angel imagery sealed with what looks like the official papal seal, Fox News reports.

The brand’s marketing website reveals plenty of Catholic imagery, including photos of a model praying at an altar while wearing the shoes. As it turns out, the shoes are actually a bigger statement than one of religious belief.

The company’s head of commerce said their intent was to make fun of collaboration culture.

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“We thought of that Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas collab, where they were selling shoes that [advertised] a beverage company that sells iced tea at bodegas,” he said. “So we wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten.”

He added: “We were wondering, ‘what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?’”

The New York brand reportedly sent pairs to six YouTubers and celebrities like A$AP Rocky, leading up to the big release.

Less than 24 pairs were created and are completely sold out, and they reportedly have no plans to make more.


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