COMMENTARY: The federal leaders — how well do you know ’em? Learn from Ryan Jespersen’s poem

Climate change emerges as one of the top ballot-box issues among voters: Ipsos poll
Conducted between Oct. 4 and 7, 2019, the latest Ipsos poll found that while healthcare remains the key ballot-box issue, an increased number of respondents are also citing climate change as an important election concern.

Edmonton radio host Ryan Jespersen found the time to sum up your federal choices in rhyme.
Canada votes October 21st. Now over to him and his political verse …

With Election Day just days away,
We’re hearing some candidates say,
“We’ll crack down on spending,
Without the world ending,
Trust our budget, we’ll show you the way.”

“Modest deficits,” promised Trudeau
Last election, of course pre-PMO.
But the cannabis guy
Saw his spending too high
Will Canadians say, “Time to go”?

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The leader of Canada’s Tories
So close he can taste ballot glory.
Says he’ll save you some pennies
Just ask Jason Kenney
“No deficit, soon!” is his story.

New Democrats promise the moon,
And they’ll pay using your silver spoon.
Their leader, compelling,
Their history, telling,
Maybe why in the polls, not much room.

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“The planet is hurt, hear her scream!”
Says the leader of Canada’s Greens.
“Are we close to Doomsday?”
Asks Elizabeth May,
While she promises schooling for free.

“Our spending is way, way too much!”
Says Mad Max, otherwise out-of-touch.
He’s going after Dairy,
Some candidates scary,
Mass migration, his populist crutch.

And then there’s the Bloc Quebecois,
Separate from our nation? Porquoi?
But electoral trackers
Say they’ve still got their backers,
Despite the Bill 21 faux pas.

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On that day when you head to the polls,
Remember the things you’ve been told.
There’ll be seats won and lost,
Over questions of cost,
Just think of the power you hold!

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Ryan Jespersen is host of The Ryan Jespersen Show on Edmonton’s Global News Radio 630 CHED.