Oklahoma woman shot by puppy who stepped on loaded gun

Oklahoma woman shot by dog who stepped on gun after being spooked by train
WATCH: Tina Springer, 44, was riding in a truck with Brent Parks and his dog. She was shot when the pet got spooked by a passing train and stepped on a gun in the console.

An Oklahoma woman underwent emergency surgery after being accidentally shot by a puppy last week.

Brent Parks, 79, and Tina Springer, 44, were in his pick-up truck with his yellow Labrador, Molly, in the front seat. They’d stopped to let a train go by.

According to KFOR in Oklahoma City, Parks told police his handgun was resting in the center console when a train passed by, spooking Molly and causing her to step on the gun.

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The gun let off one round and NBC News reports that the bullet hit Springer in her left thigh, just above the knee.

In an audio recording of Parks’ emergency call, obtained by the local broadcast station, he can be heard saying that the victim was “bleeding pretty bad” and help was needed.

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The man can be heard saying: “No she didn’t do it herself … It just went off. We had a dog in here and it stepped on the gun.”

Later in the call, the dispatcher then reportedly told Parks to remove his belt to use as a tourniquet. He tied it around her leg above the wound to reduce bleeding.

Springer can be heard screaming for help and saying she doesn’t feel well in the recording.

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Local publication the Enid News & Eagle reports that Parks said his gun is not usually loaded when he’s carrying it in his car.

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It’s unknown why it was loaded this time.

Police responded to the call around 2:30 p.m. Springer was then rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and is expected to recover.