Linda Olsen: Reflecting on more than 2 decades at Global Calgary

Linda Olsen started working at Global Calgary in 1995.
Linda Olsen started working at Global Calgary in 1995. Global News

It is hard to believe it has been five years since I contributed to our 60th anniversary celebration for CHCT.

Today, as we now recognize 65 years as part of the Calgary community, it is a reminder to me of that tired-but-true cliché that “time flies.”

It is an honour to have worked at this television station for the past 24 years and to add a few thoughts as we mark this major milestone.

While the years may seem to fly by, so much has changed in the past five years. Technology in our industry evolves at lightning speed — as it does in so many industries — and we are constantly learning and trying new things so we can put together the most interesting and engaging news programs every day.

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We have seen changes on-air, with some of your favourite and well-known faces moving on to new adventures and careers.

We have had changes in governments as voters make their voices heard.

But what doesn’t change is the importance we place on the work we do.

Yes, it sounds like another tired cliché, but it is true and what we hold onto in our newsroom, as everything else seems to change so rapidly around us.


As we celebrate 65 years of broadcasting into Calgary homes every day, the integrity and hard work behind the journalism in our newsroom is constant.

We have a wonderful mix of young and enthusiastic journalists — along with some of us more “experienced” folks — who are committed to what we do. Local issues impact our lives every day, and sharing those stories is more than just a job.

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We take the responsibility seriously, whether it’s serious issues or lighthearted quirky stories — it is important to us to give you a glimpse of life in Calgary.

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That doesn’t change.

Now, my hairstyles over the years? That’s a different story — there have been a lot of changes to my hair!

I have always had a willingness to embrace change. You only to have ask my mother, or any of my classmates at my northwest Calgary junior high school, to learn that I used to go home at lunchtime and change my clothes.

Then, I would move the furniture in my bedroom once a month just because I wanted something different.

Change, evolution and growth are how we keep moving forward and progressing.

While we firmly hold onto our mandate and role as journalists, we celebrate all the new and exciting changes to come.

Thank you for allowing us here at Global Calgary to come into your homes and be part of your families’ lives for the past 65 years.