‘Backyard shed’ for rent in San Diego — and it’s only $1,050 a month

The backyard shed was built in response to a housing crisis in one of California's most expensive cities. JD Property Management and Realty, Inc.

What will US$1,050 get you in San Diego? One bathroom, a small kitchen and 200 square feet of space for the rest of your belongings, according to a rental listing that has sparked outrage.

What appears to be a backyard shed is actually a studio space for rent in one of California’s most expensive cities.

The very small en suite bathroom features a standing shower and a sink.

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In the main space, there’s just enough room for a futon, a bar fridge, a miniature stove, one cabinet, a kitchen sink and minimal counter space.

On top of there being no laundry offered on site, no animals are allowed and, of course, there’s only space for street parking.

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According to Rent Café, the average rent in the city is $2,236, making this place a steal — if the lack of space isn’t a dealbreaker.

Tim Christensen from JD Property Management said he expects to get asking price, adding that a prior tenant rented it for two years for $1,100 a month.

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He said that it was built in response to the housing crisis and has had a steady flow of tenants since, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Alan Nevin, a housing industry analyst, told CNN: “Maybe it is high for what it is offered at, but the reality is that the square footage and the location is exactly what this market needs.”

While perhaps the lack of space wouldn’t be a problem for some, this particular rental unit is stirring up a lot of mixed emotions from San Diego renters.

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In an interview with CNN, local Joe Moreno said he was “amazed it was going for that much money.”

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“My mortgage payment is 200$ less a month for a 3 bed house here in grand junction Colorado,” one person wrote on Twitter. “That’s insane!”

Another commented: “I mean if your (sic) alone I guess and if it’s all you can afford what choice is there.” A third person tweeted: “Some people should think of moving to another state before thinking it’s ok to live in a shed.”

Others don’t seem to have much of a problem with it, with one person writing: “As long as it comes with heating and air, I don’t care,” and another saying: “This is a deal.”

A 200-square-foot backyard shed is for rent in San Diego for $1,050 a month. JD Property Management and Realty, Inc.
It features a small kitchenette with a bar-sized fridge and a small stove. JD Property Management and Realty, Inc.
The space has room for a futon and also has a wall air conditioner. JD Property Management and Realty, Inc.
The studio space also has a bathroom with full plumbing. JD Property Management and Realty, Inc.

The space adds new meaning to the word “cozy.”

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