Glenlivet whisky ‘capsules’ draw comparisons to Tide Pods, Fruit Gushers

The Glenlivet's new "glassless cocktails.". The Glenlivet / Twitter

“No ice. No stirrer. No glass,” that’s the pitch Scottish distillery The Glenlivet is making to whisky drinkers with its new Capsule Collection cocktails.

The “glassless cocktails” are three edible beverages Glenlivet claims will “redefine the way whisky is traditionally enjoyed.”

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The collection of limited-edition cocktails are served in a “super sustainable seaweed-extract casing,” which the company says is “one of nature’s most renewable resources.”

“A first of its kind for a spirit brand, the edible capsules are 23 ml in size, fully biodegradable and provide the perfect flavour-explosion experience,” the brand’s promotional materials read.

“Enjoy them by simply popping them in your mouth for an instant burst of flavour.”

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However, the Capsule Collection has received mixed reaction online, with many saying that’s not how whisky is intended to be enjoyed.

“Ummm, whisky cocktails are for sipping & savouring, not exploding in your mouth all in one go,” Twitter user Susie Mac wrote.

“Are people having trouble pouring it into a glass?” user Aaron E. Carroll tweeted.

“Would love to talk to the team behind this concept because just why,” Twitter user Julie Gregory wrote.

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Some, however, are intrigued by the unique marketing.

“Hi hello, professional whiskey enthusiast here,” Brittney Bromcacher tweeted. “You have my attention. I will happily test these. For science.”

Others likened the capsule’s design to Tide Pods.

“All I can think is Tide pods,” Twitter user Pcassell wrote.

“Should I use these on permanent press or gentle cycle,” David Blumenthal tweeted.

Some said the design reminded them more of Fruit Gushers candy.

“So it’s a scotch gusher,” Liran Kapoano said on Twitter.

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“Are you telling me they are making alcoholic gushers? Guess we can stop advancing now, humanity about to peak,” Jake Denny wrote.

The Glenlivet partnered with English bar Tayēr and Alex Kratena to develop the drinks to roll out during London’s Cocktail Week — a seven-day festival that takes place each October.

Each cocktail is made from an original recipe that will be served as an amuse-bouche during the festivities, the company says.

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