Big push for more small dwellings in Edmonton

WATCH ABOVE: Edmonton city council is going to consider to remove more barriers when it comes to building tiny homes or garden suites. Sarah Komadina has the story.

Edmonton city council is going to consider removing more barriers when it comes to building tiny homes and garden suites.

In December, it will consider allowing rows of tiny homes 2.4 metres apart, as well as mobile styles.

“They are opening up opportunities for tiny homes as mobile homes, so they will still need a permanent foundation, but they can be built in a factory and then dropped down as a tiny garden suite,” YEGarden Suites president Ashley Salvador said.

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The city is also delaying a decision to allow tiny homes on wheels, because they are waiting on the province to apply a building code.

Council has already made it easier to build a tiny homes or garden suits in back yards. They no longer require a minimum size or approval from neighbours. Tiny homes are usually under 400 square feet, where as garden suites can be up to 1400 square feet.

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In a city report it said tiny homes can cost between $70,000 and $150,000 to build.

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Property owner Daniel Garth is building a garden suite in his back yard, over top of a garage. He plans to do the same on another property he owns.

“All you need is a small bathroom, small kitchen, good-sized bedroom and a living area,” Garth said.

“I see benefits to the city being able to provide affordable rent to an otherwise unaffordable area, and improve urban densification, particularly in the mature neighbourhoods.”

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“There’s around 75 permits a year, we would like to see that in the hundreds,” Salvador said. “There’s about 200,000 lots in Edmonton that can accommodate a garden suite, so we are really just scratching the surface at this point.”

YEGarden Suites is hosting a workshop on Nov. 16th, and a tour Nov. 23 where people will have the opportunity to learn more about garden suites and tiny homes.

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