Gigi Hadid shuts down catwalk crasher at Chanel fashion show

Click to play video: 'Gigi Hadid confronts prankster who stormed Chanel catwalk'
Gigi Hadid confronts prankster who stormed Chanel catwalk
WATCH: Comedian Marie Benoliel climbed onto the catwalk in the middle of a Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. Model Gigi Hadid caught up with her and told her to step aside – Oct 1, 2019

A French woman in the audience at a Chanel fashion show joined the lineup of models for a brief, shining moment — only to be shot down by Gigi Hadid, one of the top models in the game.

Video posted online from Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday shows the woman jumping up on the runway in a gap between the models, then quickly assuming a catwalk strut to blend in.

She’s shown wearing a black-and-white Chanel-style outfit, much like the models in the show, which took place on a set designed to look like city rooftops.

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Audience members can be heard grumbling and giggling during the stunt.

But Gigi Hadid wasn’t laughing. The American supermodel interrupted the catwalk trespasser’s moment of glory, stepping in front of her and then guiding her off the stage with one arm over her shoulder.

Several models later stepped in to prevent the woman from joining them backstage.

Models attempt to prevent French comedian Marie Benoliel from entering the backstage area after she leapt onto the catwalk during the Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France, on Oct. 1, 2019. EPA/IAN LANGSDON

The woman has been identified as Marie Benoliel, a.k.a. Marie S’Infiltre — or “infiltrator” — a comedian well-known for performing stunts and posting them on her YouTube page.

S’Infiltre has a show opening in Paris this week, and her Instagram page shows several photos of her crashing Paris Fashion Week to promote her work.

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She posted a photo of her awkward encounter with Hadid on Instagram on Tuesday.

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Le défilé étam c’était walou à côté

A post shared by Marie S'Infiltre (@mariesinfiltre) on

Infiltrator’s gonna infiltrate.

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