Explore mind’s inner workings at new Ontario Science Centre exhibition

Click to play video: 'Explore mind’s inner workings at new Ontario Science Centre exhibition'
Explore mind’s inner workings at new Ontario Science Centre exhibition
WATCH ABOVE: MIndWorks – the Ontario Science Centre’s newest exhibit gets you to explore the inner workings of your mind. Minna Rhee reports – Sep 25, 2019

There’s door number one, door number two… and a third option as well. Which one do you go through? This is how your journey through MindWorks begins – by making a simple decision.

Global News got a sneak peak of the Ontario Science Centre‘s newest exhibition – it’s called MindWorks and explores the inner workings of your mind.

Rooted in psychology, the hands-on experience encourages self reflection about the decisions you make, why you make them and what makes you, you. Take the risk vs. reward exhibit for example, where you get to choose between getting your hand zapped with a shocker or waiting 60 seconds for the video to load. The results may shock you.

“I figured it was the science centre so the pain of a shock can’t be as bad as having to wait” said grade 12 student Jadyn Powell.

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Researched, designed and fabricated by the Ontario Science Centre, MindWorks explores the concept of consciousness. The Ontario Brain Institute is the exhibition’s Knowledge Partner.

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“I know that I don’t react to the power of hypnosis – I’m not as susceptible as others may be,” admitted 17-year-old Kathleen Greening who tried lying in the Suggestibility Scanner.

When you sleep, do you dream? Young and old alike can experience some of the dreamscapes that so many of us have in common and discover what dream themes you share with others.

What gives you the feels and how do you express them? You can face your emotions head on here. “There are hidden cameras in each of the rooms so we can capture emotions as they wash across your face,” Mary Jane Conboy, the director of science content & design at Ontario Science Centre explains.

An infinity room of mirrors and twinkling lights evokes feelings of awe and wonder, and you can see for yourself what emotions flash across your face when you climb up inside a giant anatomically-correct nose.

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Do creative activities put you in the zone? There’s a flow state activity where visitors are challenged to build a complex tune out of blocks or create visual art out of thin air. “It’s really mesmerizing. I lose track of time,” admits Barrie, Ont. native Jada Marsh.

Mindworks officially opens to the public on Sept. 28 and 29 during the Ontario Science Centre’s free admission weekend in celebration of its 50th anniversary year.

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