Woman quits her job to find missing dog, searches for almost 2 months

Click to play video: 'Watch the moment a dog is reunited with her family' Watch the moment a dog is reunited with her family
A Washington woman quit her job and went looking for her lost dog, Katie. After 57 days, the woman found her dog and brought her home to be reunited with the rest of the family. – Sep 23, 2019

A Washington state woman went to extreme lengths to find her missing dog, quitting her day job and relocating to spend 57 days searching for her pet.

Carole and Verne King lost their beloved border collie Katie after the dog escaped from their Montana hotel room while on vacation near Glacier National Park.

They had Katie for seven years, KCRA reports. When the Kings returned to their room on July 20, they noticed their dog had disappeared, prompting them to put up flyers and knock on doors.

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In a bid to find their pup, who they say loves people but is also skittish, Carole quit her job as a postal carrier to stay in the state, spending the next two months looking for Katie.

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Finally, after Carole painstakingly searched during that time, Katie was spotted lying in the shade of a tree.

Dehydrated, the dog had lost 12 pounds and was near starvation, the Huffington Post reports, though she’s expected to make a full recovery.

“She was right there in the bushes,” Carole explained. “I yelled her name, and she came right up to me.”

“I just bear-hugged her,” Carole told Daily Inter Lake newspaper. “People are stopping their vehicles, getting out and hugging us. I think the whole neighbourhood knew that we found her.”

“I never gave up, I never lost hope,” she continued. “I think what I got out of this was the kindness of strangers.”

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When Katie first went missing, the couple enlisted the help of people on social media to track her down.

They started a Facebook page to find the pup, sharing flyers and updated information for those keeping an eye out.

Eventually, the group’s name was changed to “Katie IS home!” and a touching video of Verne and Katie’s reunion was shared.

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Sticking her head out the window and barking as she and Carole pulled into their driveway, Verne can be seen hugging his dog, saying: “My little girl.”

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