City Council indefinitely shelves shark fin ban

CALGARY – City council has voted to indefinitely table a decision on banning shark fins in Calgary.

Council began investigating the possibility of a ban on shark fins last July.

Many see the act of shark finning as cruel; others argue it can be done humanely.

A bylaw was brought before council in October 2012, but a task force was later created to investigate the issue.

On Monday, Councilors used a rarely-used procedure to indefinitely shelve the bylaw. The tabling has no date for when it must be reviewed, unless two-thirds of council votes to revive the issue.

However council did vote to continue the work of the task force, that will investigate more humane ways of sourcing shark fins.

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A similar municipal bylaw in Toronto was struck down by the Ontario Superior Court in November 2012.

Toronto is reviewing its options and will report back in June.